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Class of 19514- 


Saint Mary's Junior College 

Raleigh, North Carolina 
Sf. Mary's Junior College Library 


The 1954 Stage Coach Staff of Saint 
Mary's Junior College presents with pleasure 
this annual to the students of our beloved 
alma mater. We sincerely hope that in the 
future when you look at your Stage Coach 
you will remember Saint Marys as the school 
where life revolves around honesty, friendship, 
and integrity. Saint Mary's will always be a 
part of our lives, and its spirit will follow us in 
later years. 

Smedes Hall 


Cheshire Hall 

The students of St. Mary's Junior College wish to 
express their sincere appreciation to those who have 
made possible the erection of our new science building, 
Cheshire Hall. We are very proud of this lovely addition 
to St. Marys campus and will endeavor to preserve its 


As advisor to the Senior Class and to the Honor Council. 
she has guided us patiently and understandingly through 
this year at Saint Mary's. Her friendliness and cheerfulness 
make her an essential part of life here at school. 

It is with deepest pleasure, gratitude, and love that we 
dedicate the Stage Coach of 1954 to 


Saint Mary's Alma Mater 

Saint Mary's! wherever thy daughters may be 
They love thy high praises to sing, 

And tell of thy beauties of campus and tree 
Around which sweet memories cling; 

They may wander afar, out of reach of thy name, 
Afar out of sight of thy grove, 

But the thought of Saint Mary's aye kindles a flame 
Of sweet recollections and love. 

Beloved Saint Mary's! How great is our debt! 
Thou has cared for thy daughters full well; 

They can never thy happy instructions forget, 
Nor fail of thy virtues to tell. 

The love that they feel is a heritage pure, 
An experience wholesome and sweet. 

Through the fast rolling years it will grow and endure, 
Be a lamp and a guide to our feet. 

May the future unite all the good of thy past 

With the best that new knowledge can bring. 

Ever onward and upward thy course! To the last 
Be thou steadfast in every good thing. 

Generations to come may thy fair daughters still 
Fondly think on thy halls and thy grove 

And carry thy teachings — o'er woodland and hill — 
Of earnestness, wisdom, and love. 




j «. 









A.B., Western Maryland College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins 
University; L.H.D., Western Maryland College. Saint Mary's, 1946-. 

Sincere, selfless, steadfast. These words symbolize Dr. Stone. In 
time of our need, he is helpful; in time of our trouble, understanding. 
His true friendship and guiding hand have supported us throughout 
our years at St. Mary's. 


The high ideals of our dean in 
future times of indecision will direct 
us toward finer ways of life. Her 
lofty principles will remain embodied 
in us wherever we are. She is our 
aruidinsr star. 



His cheerful greetings and inspiring 
words have enabled us to be steadfast 
in our courage, patient in our daily 
dealings, and firm in our beliefs. His 
home is always open to us and his 
warm hospitality is something we 
shall never forget. 




Elizabeth Bason Home Economics 

A.B., Flora Macdonald College; M.A., Columbia 
University. Saint Mary's, 1924-. 

Ernestine Boineau Commercial Subjects 

A.B., Winthrop College: further study at Southern 
Business University and Appalachian State Teachers 
College. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Janet R. Broughton Mathematics and French 

A.B., Lindenwood College; M.A., Oberlin College. 
Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Russell Broughton 

Head of Music Department, Organ, Harmony, History 

of Music 
Mus.B., Mus.M., Oberlin College; Fellow of the 
American Guild of Organists; Pi Kappa Lambda 
Estey scholarship, Conservatoire Americain, Fon- 
tainebleau; pupil in organ of George Whitfield 
Andrews, Henri Libert: in theory, of A. E. Heacox: 
in composition of G. W. Andrews, Nadi Boulanger: 
improvisation, of Marcel Dupre. Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Helen Abel Brown Librarian 

A.B., M.A., Middlebury College; A.B. in Library 
Science, LIniversitv of Michigan. Saint Marx's, 1937-. 

Mary Johnson Browne Assistant in the Library 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A., West Virginia Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's, 1952-. 

Owens Hand Browne Chemistry 

B.S., North Carolina State College; Ph.D., The 
Johns Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Hilda Liverman Bryant 

Head of Department, Physical Education 
B.S., The Woman's College of The University of 
North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1949-. 

Geraldine Spinks Cate Voice, Glee Club 

A.B., University of South Carolina: Mus.B., West- 
minster Choir College: M.A. in Music, Teachers 
College, Columbia University; pupil of Julie Bell 
Soudant. Saint Mary's, 1951-. 

Louise Keith Cell English 

B.A., Texas State College for Women; M.A., Southern 
Methodist University. Saint Mary's, January 1952-. 

Florence C. Davis Speech and Theatre Arts 

Bachelor of Oratory, Emerson College; pupil of 
Edith Herrick; Feagin School; Teachers College, 
Columbia University. Saint Mary's, 191 1-. 

William C. Guess 

Head of Department, History and Social Sciem es 
A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., The 
Johns Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1928-. 

Mary Ruth Haig Piano 

De Pauw University School of Music; Graduate in 
piano, pupil of James Friskin, Julliard School of 
Music; B.S. in Music Education, Teachers College, 
Columbia University; M.S. in Piano, Julliard School 
of Music; pupil of Sascha Gorodnitzki, pupil of Robert 
and Gaby Casadesus, Conservatoire Americain, 
Fontainebleau. Saint Man's, 1937-. 

Camilla Hoy Spanish, French 

A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D.. 
Bryn Mawr College. Saint Mary's, 1952-. 

Israel Harding Hughes Bible 

A.B., LIniversitv of North Carolina; B.D., Episcopal 
Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. Saint Mary's, 

Susanne J. Jacobus Biology, Hygiene 

A.B., Salem College; M.S., Lmiversity of Michigan. 
Saint Mary's, 1953-. 

Martha Dabney Jones English 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; A.B., Sweet Briar College; 
M.A., LIniversitv of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 

Sara Esther Jones English 

B.S., Asheville College; M.A., George Peabody 
College for Teachers. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Annie Ruth Lineberry Mathematics 

A.B., Meredith College: M.A., Columbia Lniversity. 
Saint Mary's, 1927-. 

Charles Albert Petigru Moore 

Head of Department, English 
A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint 
Mary's, 1935-. 

Peggy Cameron Mordecai Physical Education 

B.S., The Woman's College of The University of 
North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1951-. 

Katherine Morris Art, History of Art 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; Studied further at Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, Meredith College, Woman's 
College of University of North Carolina, Abbot 
School of Art, New York School of Fine and Applied 
Art. Saint Mary's, 1945-. 

Mabel Margaret Morrison History, Psychology 

A.B., M.A., Dalhousie University; Ph.D., Llniversity 
of Toronto. Saint Mary's, 1929-. 

Eugene F. Parker German, Spanish 

B.S., Norwich University, Northfield, Yt.; M.A., 
Ph.D., Harvard LIniversitv. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Watson K. Patrick Bible, Latin 

A.B., LIniversitv of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 

Donald Peery Piano, Theory 

Mus.B., Oberlin College; M.A., Teachers College, 
Columbia LIniversitv; pupil of Rosalyn Tureck and 
Frank Sheridan, New York; Adjudicator, National 
Guild Auditions. Saint Mary's, 1940-41; 1<>44-. 

Carolyn Peacock Poole English, History 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A., Oberlin College. 
Saint Mary's, 1953-. 

Julienne Mongin Smith 

Head of French Department, French, Spanish 
A.B., M.A., LIniversitv of South Carolina; Certificat 
d'Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Cornelia R. Winton Accompanist 

A.B., LIniversitv of Chattanooga; M.A., Duke 
University; Certificate in Piano, Cadek Conservatory, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 



wSac t y 

Bessie B. Brown, In cluirge of Post Office and Bookstore; Evie Calahan, Housekeeper; Mary Jane Collins 
Hornback, Hostess; Julia Jordan, Secretary; Felicie Manget, R.N., Resident Nurse; Lillian Pope. 
Assistant Dietitian; Mary Lewis Sasser, Secretary; Della Truitt, Dietitian; Stella T. Smith. 
Switchboard Operator; Elizabeth Gordon Tucker, Secretary to the President; Frances Vann, Secretary. 







Senior Class 


Frances Perry 


President, Frances Perry; Vice-President, Marilyn Hedrick; Secretary, Anne Nichols; 
Treasurer, Ai.lene Wellons; President of Day Students, Linda Piland. 



Tommie Patricia Adams Fayetteville, N. C. 

style, "O.D.", bop 
"Make the coming hour overflow with joy" 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Dramatics Club 
'52-'53; Hall Counselor '53-'54; Marshal 
'53-'54; Sigma. 

Ann Scott Anderson Wilson, N. C. 

"Scotty," dales, parties 
"Let the world slide, I'll not budge an inch" 
Hall Representative '51-'52; Canterbury 
Club '51-'54; Altar Guild '52-'54; Belles 
'52-'54; Headlines Editor '53-'54; Stage 
Coach Business Staff '52-'53; Bulletin Staff 
'51-'54; Editor of Bulletin '53-'54; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '52-'54; Bowling All-Star '52-'53; 
Bowling Medal '52-'53; Hall Counselor 
'53-'54; Nominating Committee '52-'53; 
Senior Follies Committee '53-'54; Mu. 

Lynda Joy Anderson Charlotte, N. C. 

June bride, knee-socks, long-distance calls 
"My crown is in my heart, not on my head" 
Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; Hall 
Counselor '53-'54; Choir '53-'54; Orchesis 
'S2-'54; Dramatics Club '52-'54; The Sicilian 
'53; May Day Pageant '53; Sigma. 

Martha Kay Baker Timmonsville, N. C. 
unique walk, friendly, dependable 
"Loveliness in favor" 
Y.W.C.A. ■50-"54; Dance Marshal '51 -'53; 
Chief Dance Marshal '53-'54; Altar Guild 
'51-"54; Orchesis '51 -'54; Vice-Counselor '53- 
'54; Marshal '53-"54; Beacon '51-'52; Circle 
'54; May Court '54; Sigma. 

Carolyn Baldridge Winston-Salem, N. C. 

nonchalant, curiosity, smiles 
"Retouched and smoothed and prettified to 

Canterbury Club '52-'54; Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '54; Sigma. 

Martha Adeline Cousins Barber 

Raleigh, N. C. 
dates, English worries, Carolina! 
"11 you do not think about the future, you 

will not have one" 
Granddaughters' Club '52-'54; Dramatics 
Club Publicity Chairman "52-'54; Stage 
Coach Business Staff '53-'54; Mu. 



Alice Lyerly Bost Hickory, N. C. 

versatile, neat, thoughtful 
"How able such a work to undergo" 
Y.W.C.A. '50-'54; Y.W.C.A. Vice-President 
'52-'53; Stage Coach Staff '50-'54, Feature 
Editor "53-'54; Vice-President of Freshman 
Class '50-'51; Student Vestry '50-'51; Beacon 
'51-'52; Beacon Secretary-Treasurer '51 -'52; 
Belles '51-'54, Associate Editor '52-'54; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'53; Circle '53-'54; Con- 
stitution Committee '52-'54, Secretary '52- 
'53; Handbook Editor '52-'53; Legislative 
Body '52-'54; Hall Counselor '53-'54; Chair- 
man of Hall Council '53-'54; Letter Club 
'53-'54; Nominating Committee '51-'52; 
Entertainment Committee '53-'54; Master 
File Committee '52-'54; Sigma. 

Cynthia Howe Bradley Wilson, N. C., expressive eyes, /tinned 
"Hear me a word" 
Belles '52-' 54; Canterbury Club '52-'54; 
Choir '52-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; Orchesis 
'53-'54; Glee Club '52-'53; Sigma. 

Mary Grady Burnette Garner, N. C. 

sweet, basketball, happy 
"Truth is truth to the end of reckoning" 
Belles Staff '52-'54; Vice-Counselor '53-'54; 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Stage Coach 
Staff '52-'53, Business Staff '53-'54; Vice- 
President Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'54; Altar 
Guild '53-'54; Christinas Pageant '53; Sigma. 

Sylvia Callaway Pinehurst, N. C. 

tweeds, French records, catalogues 
"Anything for a quiet life" 
Swimming Club '50-'51; Y.W.C.A. '50-'54; 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Altar Guild '52- 
'54; Mu. 

Lorrie Ingram Clark Candor, N. C. 

industrious, England, competent 
"Leave-takings are but wasted sadness. 

Let me pass out quietly" 
Y.W.C.A. '51-'54, President '53-'54; Belles 
'52-'54, Assistant Editor '53-'54; Bulletin 
'53-'54; Chairman Legislative Body '53-'54; 
Hall Counselor '53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'53-'54; Circle '54; M. 

Mary Elliot Clayton Clayton, Alabama 
peaches and cream, deep South, friendship 
"A box where sweets compacted lie" 

Glee Club '52-' 54; Choir '54; Dramatics 

Club '52-'54; Sigma. 



Sara Borden Cobb Goldsboro, N. C. 

bubbling, Atore/iead City, unpredictable 
"She adds a precious seeing to the eye" 
Doctors' Daughters' Club '51-'54; Grand- 
daughters' Club '51-'54; Belles Staff '53-' 54; 
Marshal '53-'54; Hall Counselor "53-'54; 

Harriet Gillingham Conger 

Edcnton, N. C. 
"oui-oui," witty, "let's arise" 
"A merry heart goes all the day" 
Granddaughters' Club '51-'54; Stage Coach 
Staff 'S2-'53; Canterbury Club '51-'53; 
Altar Guild '51-'54: Belles Staff '51-'54, 
Feature Editor "52-"54; Vice-Counselor '53- 
'54; Chairman of Assembly '53-'54; Mu. 

*Ot\ m± 

Sallie McRorie Cowles Statesville, N. C. 

hairdo, charm, helpful 
"The force of his own merit makes his own 

Canterbury Club '52-'53; May Day Pageant 
'52-'53: Stage Coach Staff' '53- ; 54; Dra- 
matics Club '53-'54; Orchesis "53-'54; Hall 
Representative '53-'54; Sigma. 

Mary Elizabeth Cullen Painter, Ya. 

"Liddy," phone calls, loyal 
"A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of 

Y.W.C.A. '50-'54; Canterbury Club '53- 
'54; Belles Staff '52-'54; Mu. 

^-* * 

Mary Windley Dunn New Bern, N. C. 

"Winnie," wistful, KA's 
"Where virtue is, there arc more virtuous" 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Altar Guild '53- 
'54; Choir Mother '53-'54; Granddaughters' 
Club "52-'54, Treasurer '52-'53; Sigma 
Cheerleader '52-'53; Chief Cheerleader '53- 
'54; Stage Coach Staff '52-'53, Editor 
'53-'54; Hall Counselor '53-'54; Circle '54; 

Anne Simcox Eversman Flat Rock, N. C. 
"Nancy," pianist, conscientious 
"Give me some music" 
Altar Guild '52-'54; Glee Club '52-'54, Li- 
brarian '53-'54; Choir '52-'54; Canterbury- 
Club '52-'54; C:hapcl Server '53-'54; Mu. 




Ann Rector Freeman Meridian, Miss. 

"Roomie," birds, best ever 
"No legacy is so rich as honesty" 
Canterbury Club '52-'54, Treasurer '53-'54; 
Y.W.C.A. "53-'54; Stage Coach Staff '52- 
'54, Associate Editor '53-'54; Belles '5.V54; 
Altar Guild '53-'54; Acolyte '53-'54; Sigma 
Pi Alpha "52-'54: Honor Council '53-'54; 
Hall Counselor "53-"54: Doctors' Daughters' 
Club '52-'54, Treasurer '53-'54; Circle 
Secretary '53-'54; Mu. 

Robin McRea Fuller Raleigh, N. C. 

original, swimmer, inquisitive mind 
"Politics is the art of human happiness" 
Glee Club '52-'54: Bulletin '52-'54; "Amahl" 
Chorus '53; Sigma. 

Mary Linda Garriss 

Margarettsville, N. C. 
L.B.I. , "Freeman," true friend, hockey 
"I shall laugh myself to death" 
Vice-Counselor '53-'54; Belles '50-'54; Stage 
Coach Staff '51-'54, Sports Editor '53-'54; 
Dramatics Club '50-'54; Letter Club '52- 
'54; Altar Guild '51-'54; Y.W.C.A. '50-'54; 
Hockev All-Star '52-'53; Mu. 

Jane Elizabeth Gillett Davidson, N. C. 

congenial, niee, capable 

"Where there's life there's hope" 

Dramatics Club '52-'54; Orchesis '53-'54; 


Nancy Barclay Glenn Manhassett, X. Y. 
"my nerves," sincere, sweet 
"Consistently thou art a jewel" 
Manager Softball Team "52-'53; Hockey 
Captain "53-'54; Hockev All-Star '53-'54; 
Canterbury Club '52-"53; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'53-'54; Letter Club '53-'54; President Altai- 
Guild '53-'54; Belles Headlines '53-'54; 
Stage Coach Business Staff '52-'53; Sigma. 

Leslie Perry Hall Oxford, N. C. 

Duke, musical, likable 
"If music be the food of life, play on" 
Glee Club '52-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; 
Hall Representative '53-'54; "The Amahl" 
'53; Sigma. 



Mary Allan Hardin Wilmington, N. C. 
petite, precious, procrastination 
"Worry never made a woman great" 
Belles Headlines Staff '53-'54; Orchesis 
'53-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; Chapel Server 
'53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'54; Dramatics 
Club '52-"53; Canterbury Club '52-'53; 
Granddaughters' Club "52-'54, President 
'53-'54; Mu Cheerleader '52-'54; Vice- 
President Mus. '53-'54; Hockey All-Star '53; 
Letter Club, President '53-'54; Mu. 

\'irginia Bolles Harriss Wilmington, N. C. 

Wrightsville, big brown eyes, party gal 
"The only way to get rid of a temptation is 

to yield to it" 
Vice-Counselor '53-'54; Dance Marshal '53- 
'54; Dramatics Club "52-'53; Canterbury 
Club '52-'53; Granddaughters' Club '52-'54; 
Orchesis '52-'54; Crucifer '53-'54; Sigma. 

Jessine Brooks Hart Goldsboro, N. C. 

trustworthy, pleasant, willing 
"Spic and span" 
Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; Belles '53-'54; Stage 
Coach '53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'54; 
Vice-Counselor '53-'54; Mu. 

Mary Susan Hayes Raleigh, N. C 

school spirit, questions, likable 
"Live so in hope as in an early spring" 
Orchesis '52-'53; Hall Counselor '53-'54; 
Business Manager of Stage Coach '53-'54; 

Sarah Marilyn Hedrick Lenoir, N. C. 

enchanting, serenade, modest 
"A good heart's worth gold" 
Vice-President Senior Class '53-'54; President 
of Glee Club '53-'54; Vice-Counselor '53- 
'54; Choir '52-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'54; 
Christmas Pageant '53; May Dav Pageant 
'52-'53; "Old "Maid and the Thief" '52-'53; 

Alice Elizabeth Holmes Mt. Olive, N. C. 

"lion —ey," dangling earrings, shuffling feet 

"Dispense with trifles" 

Canterbury Club '52-'54; Y.W.C.A. '53-'54; 

Altar Guild '53-'54; Mu. 



Anne Tristram Holt Ridgewood, N. J. 

dancing feet, versatile, poise 
"Dance like a wave of the sea" 
Marshal '53-'54; Orchesis '52-'54, President 
'53-'54; Mu Cheerleader '52-'54; Letter 
Club '53-'54; Hall Counselor '53-'54; Altar 
Guild '53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'54; Glee 
Club '52-'54, Secretary '53-'54: "Amahl" 
'53; The Sicilian '53; May Day Pageant '53- 
'54; Director of Senior Follies '54; Posture 
Queen '52-'53; Hockey All-Star '52-'53; 
Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; Canterbury Club '53- 
'54; Circle '54; Mu. 
Sharlene Bethea Howard Raleigh, N. C. 

eyelashes, gentle, June plans 
"Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low" 
Orchesis '53-'54; Honor Council '53-'54; 
Stage Coach Staff '52-"53; Mav Court '54; 

Joan Delano Johnson Benson, N. C. 

busy, independent, fun 

"It is a very good world to live in" 
Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; Dramatics Club '53-'54; 
Bulletin Staff '52-'53; Mu. 
Mary Clement Jordan Fayetteville, N. C. 

considerate, sincerity, Fords, sweetest one 
"I hope I shall have leisure to make good" 
Hall Counselor '53-'54; Sigma Cheerleader 
'52-'54; Canterbury Club '52-'53; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '52-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; Circle 
'52-'54, President '53-'54; Stage Coach 
Staff '52-'54, Organizations Editor '53-'54; 
Belles Staff '52-' 54, Chief Copy Reader 
'53-'54; Secretary of Student Government 
'53-'54; Sigma. 

Mary Lee Nelson LeFar Gastonia, N. C. 
dini pies, records, style 

"Infinite riches in a little room" 
Glee Club '50-'51; Dance Marshal '50-'52, 
'53-'54; Hall Representative '51-'52; Or- 
chesis '52-'54; Acolyte '53-'54; Sigma Pi 
Alpha '53-"54; Vice-President of Y.W.C.A. 
'53-'54; Belles Headlines '52-'54; Sigma. 

Charlotte McMurrav Lilly 

Fayetteville, N T . C. 
casual, undecided, blue eyes 
"I will help you if I can" 
Vice-Counselor '53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'52-'54, President '53-'54; Canterbury Club 
'52-'54; Altar Guild '53-'54; Circle '54; 
Stage Coach Art Editor '53-'54; Exchange 
Editor for Belles '53-'54; Assistant Secretary 
of Hall Council '53-'54; Letter Club '54; 
Dance Marshal '52-'54; Mu. 



Anne Sexton Martin Richmond, Va. 

settled, reliable, sweet 
''Whose words are scarce are seldom spent 

in vain" 
Canterbury Club '52-'54; Y.W.C.A. '52- 
"53; Belles Staff •52- , 53; Sigma. 

Carolyn Ann Nelson Pinehurst, N. C. 

sleepy, knitting, classical records 
"Be as thy presence is, gracious and kind" 
Hall Representative '52-' 54; Vice-Counselor 
'53-'54; Y.W.G.A. '52-'54; Belles Headlines 
Staff '53-'54; Glee Club '52-'54; Sigma. 

Katherine Anne Nichols Durham, N. C. 
efficient, necessary, leadership 
"If she be fair and wise" 
Y.W.C.A. '50-'54; Belles Circulation Staff 
'52-'54; Belles Business Manager '53-'54; 
Hall Counselor '53-'54; Doctors' Daughters' 
Club '51-'54, President '53-'54; Circle '53- 
'54, Treasurer '53-'54; Secretarv of Senior 
Class '53-'54; Mu. 

Ellen Lamar Ozon Coral Gables, Fla. 

SAE's, dancer, jokes 
"My style and my sentiments are my own, 

purely original" 
Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'54; Letter Club '54; 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Orchesis '52-'54, 
Secretary-Treasurer '53-'54; Sigma Cheer- 
leader '52-'54; Vice-President Sigmas '53- 
'54; Commencement Play '53; Senior Christ- 
mas Pageant '52; Dramatics Club '52-'54; 
All-Star Dancing '53; The Sicilian '53; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Ann Patman Siler City, N. C. 
lovable, tint, clothes 
"It is a world to see" 
Belles Staff '52-'54; Stage Coach Photog- 
raphy Editor '53-' 54; Hall Representative 
'53-'54; Y.W.C.A. '51-'54; Orchesis '53-'54; 
May Day Pageant '52; Acolyte '53-'54; 
Doctors' Daughters' Club '52-'54; Sigma. 

Frances Cooper Perry Windsor, N. C. 

our favorite, friends, "so upset" 
"Friendship is constant" 
Legislative Bodv '53-'54; Vice-Counselor 
'53-'54; Belles Staff '51-'53; Circle '53-'54; 
Canterbury Club '51-'53; Y.W.C.A. '53-'54; 
Choir '52-'53; Dance Marshal '52-'53; Mu 
Cheerleader '51-'54, Assistant Chief Cheer- 
leader '52-'5.3; Orchesis '52-'54; Marshal 
'53-'54; May Day Pageant '52-'53; Senior 
Class President '53-'54; Mu. 




Patricia Maria Perry 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Davidson, "Pa/," sarongs 

"Ambition has no risk" 
Doctors' Daughters' Club '52-'54; Canter- 
bury Club '52-'53; Life Saving All-Star 53; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'34: Mu. 

Linda Carol Piland Raleigh, N. C. 

ambitious, gracious, starlet 
"Smooth runs the water where the brook is 

Bulletin "52-'54, Associate Editor '53-'54; 
Glee Club '52-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'54; 
President of Day Students '53-'54; Student 
Government Representative '53-'54; Mu. 

Elizabeth Gray Proctor Marion, N. C. 
good sport, strawberry blonde, individualist 
"Just the kind for sport I'm told" 
Canterbury Club '51-'52; Y.W.C.A. '52-'54: 
Stage Coach Staff '52-'53; Orchesis '52- 
'53; Dance Marshal '52-'53; Sigma P 
Alpha '52-'54; Legislative Body '53-'54 
Honor Council '52-'54; Vice-Counselor '53- 
'54; Vice-President of Student Body '53-'54 
Letter Club '52-'54; Hockey All-Star 
'52-'54; Volleyball All-Star '51-'53; Softball 
All-Star '51-'53; Softball Captain '51-'53; 
May Day Pageant '51-'53; Athletic Award 
'51-'53; Swimming All-Star ' 51 -" 53 ; Presi- 
dent of Mus. '52-'53; Constitution Com- 
mittee '52-'54; Life Saving "52-'53; May 
Court '54; Mu. 

Janet Rattray Wilson, N. C. 

nonchalant, wit, natural curls 
"Bless me! This is pleasant" 
Canterbury Club '52-' 54; Altar Guild '53- 
'54; All-Star Softball '53; Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; 

Pamela Allen Royai.l Goldsboro, N. C. 
" Mela," generous, diligent 
"Exceedingly well read" 
Choir '52-'54; Crucifer '53-'54; Belles Staff 
'52-'54, Co-feature Editor "53-'54; Canter- 
bury Club '52-'54, Commission Representa- 
tive '52-'54, President '53-'54; Y.W.C.A. 
'53-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha "52-'54; Grand- 
daughters' Club '53-"54; Hall Counselor 
'53-'54; Altar Guild '52-'54; Sigma. 

Nancy Duffy Russell Beaufort, N. C. 

"Duffy," bigh-tiders, unassuming 
"Thev are only truly great who arc truly 

Glee Club '52-'54; Dramatics Club '52-'54; 
"As You Like It" '52-'53; Canterbury 
Club '52-'53; Altar Guild Secretary '53-'54; 
The "Amahl" '53-'54; Mu. 



Barbara Watson Seaman VVarrenton, N. C. 
"BELLES," Beethoven, exotic 
"All the news that's fit to print" 
Canterbury Club '51-'53; Beacon '52; 
Y.W.C.A. ' '53-'54; Altar Guild '51-'54; 
Orchesis '52-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '52- 

'54; May Day Pageant '52-'54 
Belles '53-'54; Sigma. 

Editor of 

Constance Wilbourn Shaner 

New Orleans, La. 
refreshing, "Connie,''' conscientious 
"As upright as a cedar" 
Orchesis '52-'54; Canterbury Club '52-'53; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'54; Circle '53-'54; Altar 
Guild '53-'54; Secretary of Junior Class 
'52-'S3; Secretary of Hall Council '53-'54; 
Hall Counselor '53-'54; Sigma. 

- > 

Pearl Weathers Smith Shelby, N. C. 

co-operative, gracious, understanding 
"To know thee shall suffice" 
Dramatics Club '51-'53; Orchesis '53-'54; 
Belles Staff '52-'54; Stage Coach Staff 
'52-'54, Administration Editor '53-'54; 
Y.W.C.A. '51-'54; Vice-Counselor '53-'54; 
Freshman Advisor '53-'54; Sigma. 

Frances Hardee Spain Greenville, N. C. 

pleasant, well-liked, sensible 
"Here is a dear and true, industrious friend" 
Y.W.C.A. '52-'53; Belles Staff '53-'54, News 
Editor '53-'54; Vice-Counselor '53-'54; 

Frances Eugenia Stubinger 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
reliable, music studio, constant 
"Knowledge is power" 
Glee Club '52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'54; 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Mu. 

Mvra Lynette Thayer Louisburg, N. C. 
dignified, lovely, engaged, dramatics 
"Beauty lives with kindness" 
May Court '52-'53; Maid of Honor '52; 
Posture Queen '52; Legislative Body '52; 
"Seventeen" '52; "Taming of the Shrew" 
'52; The Sicilian '53; "As You Like It" 
'53; Dramatics Club President '53-'54; 
Secretary-Treasurer of Choir '52-'53; Glee 
Club Treasurer "53-'54; Orchesis '53-'54; 
Chief Marshal '53-'54; Hall Counselor 
'53-'54; Y.W.C.A. '51-'54; May Queen '54; 



Marie Hollingsworth Timmons 

Columbia, S. C. 
"fall" vitality, "Miss Pres." 
"As full of spirit as the month of Mav" 
Y.W.C.A. "50-'54, President '52-'53; Belles 
Circulation '50-'54, Circulation Manager 
'52-'54; Stage Coach Business Staff 
'50-'54; Beacon '51-'52; Circle '51-'54; 
Sophomore Class Treasurer '51 -'52: Nomi- 
nating Committee '51-'54, Chairman '52-'53; 
Letter Club "51-'54; Life Saving '51 -'52; 
Softball All-Star '50-' 52; Hockey All-Star 
'53-'54; Vice-President of Sigmas '52-'53; 
Legislative Body '52-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'52-'54; Constitution Committee '52-'54; 
Chairman Red Cross Drive '53; Junior 
Class President '52-' 53; Honor Council 
'52-'54; Entertainment Committee '52-'54; 
Vice-Counselor '53-'54; President Student 
Government '53-'54; Sigma. 

Laura Ann Travis Charlotte, N. C. 

flaming hair, mischievous, humorous 
"I will go study mischief" 
Dramatics Club "52-'53; Sigma Cheerleader 
'52-'54; Letter Club '53-'54; Volleyball All- 
Star '52-'53; Sigma. 

Jeanette Chadwick Uzzell 

Asheville, N. C. 
vivacious, talkative, tippy-toes 
"There will be a hot time in the old town 

May Court '54; Y.W.C.A. '52-'54; Belles 
Headlines Staff '52-'54: Commencement 
Play '53; Dramatics Club '52-"54; Life 
Saving '53; The Sicilian '53; Mu. 

Alice Dii.i.on Walker 

Washington, N. C. 
athlete, easy-going, obliging 
"One hour's sleep before midnight is worth 

three after" 
Canterbury Club '52-'53; Granddaughters' 
Club '52-'54; Sigma Pi Alpha '53-'54; Altai- 
Guild "52-'54; Chapel Server '53-'54; Vice- 
Counselor '53-'54; President of Mus. "53-'54; 
Mu Basketball Captain '52-'53; Basketball 
All-Star '52-'53; Hockey All-Star '52-'53: 
Softball All-Star '52-'53; Hockey All-Star 
'53-'54; Ping Pong Award '52-'53; Life 
Saving '53-"54; Letter Club '53-'54; Mu. 

Dorothy Allene Wei.lons 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
"Windy," diligent, orator 
"Nowhere to go but out; nowhere to come 

but back" 
Y.W.C.A. '53-'54; Senior Class Treasurer 
'53-'54; Vice-Counselor '53-'54; Stage 
Coach Typist '53-'54; Sigma. 

Alma Hai.e Weston Charlotte, N. C. 

earnest, snowed, busybody 
"For truth is precious and divine" 
Glee Club "53-'54; Sigma. 



Elizabeth Bolling Williams 

Petersburg, Va. 
VMI, crazr, "GiGi" 
"To insure peace of mind, ignore the rules 

and regulations" 
Canterbury Club '52- - 53; Y.W.C.A. '52-'53; 
Be/fer Staff '52-'53; Mu. 

Alice Ann VVinfield Chocowinity, N. C. 

cashmeres, soft voice, care-free 

"I am sure care is an enemy to life" 

Canterbury Club '52-'53; Belles Staff \S2-'53; 

Stage Coach Staff '52-'53; Mu. 



Class Prophecy 

May 29, 1975 
Miss Elizabeth Williams 
Alumnae Secretary 
Saint Mary's Junior College 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Dear "Gigi," 

As you know, earlier in the spring most of the members of the 
class of 1954 made a pilgrimage to Saint Mary's. We thought 
you might be interested in knowing some facts about our ex-class- 
mates so that you can have something to put in the Bulletin about 
our class. 

It all started when Lorrie Clark, famed lecturer and traveler, 
left Siam after a few weeks stay to head toward Saint Mary's 
where her daughter, Huberta, is a student. She planned to go 
via India, North Africa, and Western Europe. As soon as she 
disembarked in Calcutta, she heard through Martha Barber's 
agents that the latter was in Delhi attempting to sell her latest 
invention to increase rice production. When they got together, 
Martha decided to join her on their pilgrimage. By the time they 
had reached Saint Mary's, they had seen almost all the members 
of the class of '54 and had persuaded many of them to join them 
on their journey. 

Lorrie and Martha found Mela Royall, Foreign Minister to 
Afghanistan, in the American Embassy at Kabul with her Secre- 
tary, Jessine Hart. Mela had already been foreign minister to 
many other countries, but the United States Government always 
keeps her in the most strategic area. A few weeks earlier Mela 
and Jessine had seen Frances Stubinger and Alma Weston in the 
harem of a reknown Indian Prince. Jessine notified them about 
the pilgrimage, but due to circumstances beyond their control, 
they were unable to join the merry throng. Our able foreign 
minister wired Susan Hayes and Trissy Holt in the oil fields of 
Arabia about the journey. The two multimillionaires had been 
having a difficult time trying to convince the Arabians that the 
oil there belonged to them, but they were then ready to return 
to the States. 

The next person the group met was Jeanette Uzzell who was 
attempting to swim down the Suez; she had crossed the English 
Channel the preceding year in record time. She told Lorrie and 
the others that Gray Proctor and Dr. Harriett Conger were both 
in South Africa. Gray was fulfilling her ambition to go to Africa 
and was finding additions for her animal collection. Harriett, 
wife of a prominent witch doctor, was assisting her husband in 
a search for new herbs for medicines. 

From Egypt they went to Greece where they encountered 
Mary Jordan and Connie Shaner making a detailed study of the 
classics. Much to their disappointment and surprise the English 
department at Saint Mary's had taught them all there was to 
know; therefore they joined the group. Next they traveled to 
Rome where Sibby Callaway and Nancy Glenn had retired, 
leaving Myra Thayer in charge of their New York establishment. 
The two Neo-Romans spent their leisure studying contemporary 
Italian dress styles. They condescended to join the pilgrimage on 
the condition that they stop by Fifth Avenue to give Myra the 
latest fashion news. While in Rome they read in the Roman In- 
ternationale, edited by Pat Perry, that Barbara Seaman, archeol- 
ogist, had discovered in Florence an intricate plan of Dante's 
cosmology for his Divine Comedy, After congratulating Pat on her 
excellent editorial about Barbara they persuaded her to enter 
the group. 

From Rome the former classmates journeyed to Florence 
where they spent four days trying to convince Barbara that she 
should leave her work and go with them. The archeologist said 
no but told them to look for Liz Holmes, Virginia Harriss, and 
Pat Adams who were spending their vacation on the Riviera. 
When the increasing group arrived at Nice, they found Liz, 
Virginia, and Pat having coffee at a side-walk cafe. These two, 
bored with the Riviera eagerly accepted an invitation to go on 
the pilgrimage. 

Their next stop was Paris. Atop the Eiffel Tower they found 
Leslie Hall sketching life on the Left Bank. She could not go 

with them because she had an appointment the following Monday 
with the president of France, whose portrait she was painting. 
However, she did inform them that Liddy Cullen and Anne 
Nichols were in the "parfum" business in Paris. The group went 
to the elite "shoppe," which is the home of custom-made 
"parrum.'' They consented to go with them. 

Upon their arrival in the City on the Thames, Charlotte Lilly, 
Mary Windley Dunn, Timmy Timmons, and Frances Perry in- 
formed the pilgrims that Mary Clayton and Sallie Cowles were 
doing Missionary work in Iceland in preparation for writing 
their next book, Living With the Eskimoes in Iceland. The quartet 
had flown over to London with their husbands for an international 
medical convention. We understand that Timmy and Frances 
were so busy reminiscing about their days at Saint Mary's that 
no one else could get a word in edgewise. Consequently, Charlotte 
and Mary Windley went out for a spot of tea and window-shop- 
ing. The group couldn't persuade the four home-makers to join 
them; thus they set sail for the States without them. 

On their ship, the M.D.J., were members of the United States 
Olympic team. This team included four of the world's best 
hockey players, Dill Walker, Allan Hardin, Nancy Russell, and 
Laura Ann Travis. Another alumna aboard was Carolyn Nelson 
who had just beaten Babe Zaharius in the battle on the tuft for 
the Woman's Golf Championship of the world. Our ex-classmates 
told us that they were delightfully entertained on the ship by 
the golden voice of Marilyn Hedrick, who now records for M.G.M., 
and by Ellen Ozon, the tap-dancing wonder of Miami and the 
rest of the sunny south. The latter is now playing the lead in 
Warner Brothers' latest production. 

Before the port call at Boston, the pilgrims had wired Sara 
Cobb and Kay Baker to meet them at the dock. When these two 
met the party, they told the travelers about their newest enter- 
prize-^Cobb's Cashmeres. Kay assists Sara in her handmade 
sweaters. This duo readily joined the ever-increasing group. 

The next stop was New York, where Nancy and Sibby went 
to see Myra. Myra told them about the success of Linda Garriss'' 
and Allene Wellons' Steak House in Greenwich Village and 
suggested having a party there. When the tourists checked in 
at the Waldorf-Astoria, they were surprised to learn that Joan 
Johnson and Alice Ann Winfield were the managers. They in- 
formed the group that the finalists in the International Bridge 
Contest, Nancy Eversman, Jane Gillette, Janet Rattray, and 
Cynthia Bradley, were staying at the hotel. The next night a 
grand reunion followed. 

From New York the group progressed to Washington, where 
they learned that Pearl Smith was having one of her fabulous 
parties. She invited the group, so that they could meet the in- 
fluential people in the Capitol City. To their delight, they saw 
at the party Frances Spain, Speaker of the House. Before they 
left Washington, they ran into Carolyn Baldridge, Ann Martin, 
and Sharlene Howard who had made the trip to plead a special 
case before a congressional committee concerning tire welfare of 
their Texas dude ranches. 

The wayfarers finally reached their destination, Saint Mary's 
in Raleigh, North Carolina. Going up the steps of Smedes they 
bumped into Mary Grady Burnette, who had left her country 
estate in Garner long enough to attend the big event. Mary 
Grady had notified Scottie Anderson, housemother at Caro- 
lina, that the group was coming, and Scottie was there to greet 
them. Lynda Anderson flew in from Detroit, where she and 
her husband are in the automobile industry. As they walked 
into the Saint Mary's parlor, Mary Lee LaFar, hostess, greeted 
them in the traditional Hornback manner. She insisted on taking 
them to the office of the recently-elected president, Doctor Libby 
Patman, who extended the pilgrims an unusually cordial welcome 
due to the fact that she was relieved to abandon her necessary 
stiff and formal ways. 

"Gigi," we feel that we've done our best. Take it from here. 

Incoherently yours, 
Alice Bost 
Ann Freeman 


Last Will and Testament 

We, the Senior Class of 1954, being of rundown bodies and 
overworked minds, leaving Saint Mary's with regret in our 
hearts because we are leaving the place which holds many precious 
memories, now bequeath the following articles in the manner 
named below. 

Article I 

To Dr. Stone we leave a thousand thanks for understanding 
our problems and for the help he has so willingly given us. 

To Miss Jones we leave our sincere appreciation for her careful 
guidance and for her interest in each individual. 

To Miss Morris we leave our gratitude for advising us in all 
our class activities and for being with us whenever we needed 
her most. 

To the rest of the faculty we leave our hope that we have not 
disappointed them and a resolution that we will do our best to 
follow the paths which they have tried to show us. 

Article II 

I, Pat Adams, leave my popularity with boys to Frances Cape- 
hart, who seems to be doing right well along that line. 

I, Ann Scott Anderson, bequeath my radiant blushes to Martha 

I, Lynda Anderson, will my daydreams now that they shall 
be realized to anyone who needs the diversion. 

I, Kay Baker, bequeath my struggles with Saint Mary's dances 
to the unfortunate chief dance marshal of '54-'55. 

I, Carolyn Baldridgc, leave my Mexican-bean-like personality 
to Alma Skinner. 

I, Martha Barber, will my ability to ask questions to Lillian 

I, Cynthia Bradley, will my scatterbrains to Grace Boney. 

I, Mary Grady Burnette, bequeath my sweet disposition to 
third Smedes east. 

I, Sibby Callaway, will my cares and worries with Saint Mary's. 

I, Lorrie Clark, leave my sensible manner to Ruth Watkins. 

I, Mary Clayton, will my Southern drawl to sister Sarah. 

I, Sara Cobb, bequeath my franticness to Sue Jones. 

I, Harriett Conger, leave my medicinal abilities to Miss Manget. 

I, Sallie Cowles, will my long hair to Harriett Madre. 

I, Liddy Cullcn, leave my ability to change boy friends often 
to Sylvia Turner. 

I, Mary Windley Dunn, bequeath the position of Stage Coach 
editor to the birds! 

I, Nancy Eversman, leave my musical talents to Nancy Jones. 

I, Robin Fuller, will my freedom as a day student to all the 

I, I .inda Garriss, bequeath my ability to know all and tell 
all to whoever will listen. 

I, Jane Gillett, leave St. Mary's to go to good old Davidson. 

I, Nancy Glenn, bequeath my earnestness to Jane Walker. 

I, Gwen Grizzard, leave for Peru. 

We, Allene Wellons and Leslie Hall, leave all the Duke PiKA's, 
but two, to next year's crop of St. Mary's girls. 

I, Allan Hardin, will my love for bridge to Priscilla Swindell. 

I, Virginia Harriss, leave my ardent determination to anybody 
who has the time to use it. 

I, Jessine Hart, will my citizenship to Kathy Whitfield. 

I, Susan Hayes, bequeath my individuality to the faculty. 

I, Marilyn Hedrick, wall my sweetness to Margot Hammond. 

I, Elisabeth Holmes, leave my originality to the future Saint 
Mary's girls. 

I, Trissy Holt, bequeath my dancing ability to DotDee Jones. 

I, Sharlene Howard, leave the classroom for the Chapel and 
married life. 

I, Joan Johnson, bequeath my neatness to the next occupant 
of 201 Holt. 

I, Mary Jordan, will my tolerance for birds to Virginia Lilly. 

I, Mary Lee LaFar, bequeath my giggle to Mary Ruth Mitchell. 

I, Charlotte Lilly, will my calmness in any situation to all Saint 
Mary's girls. They can use it. 

I, Anne Martin, bequeath my quiet manner to Carol Nichols. 

I, Carolyn Nelson, leave my subscription to the Pinehurst 
Outlook to Saint Mary's. 

I, Anne Nichols, will my dependability to Beth Kemper. 

I, Ellen Ozon, leave my love for Florida to Judy Liggett. 

I, Libby Patman, leave my love for being in Christmas parades 
to Nancy Smith; on second thought, maybe Ed better take it with 

I, Frances Perry, will my ability to cope with the Senior Class 
to next year's Senior Class president (poor girl!). 

I, Pat Perry, bequeath my love for Davidson week ends to Jane 

I, Linda Piland, leave the Day Students' Room with pleasure. 

I, Gray Proctor, will my nonchalance to Ann Nimocks. 

I, Janet Rattray, bequeath my wit to Frances Dawson. 

I, Mela Royall, will my intellect to Lane Welsh. 

I, Nancy Russell, leave my rock-quarry (i.e. bed) to whoever 
is unfortunate enough to get it. 

I, Barbara Seaman, will my large economy-size bottle of 
aspirin to next year's Belles editor. 

I, Connie Shaner, bequeath my conscientiousness to Elizabeth 

I, Pearl Smith, leave my language books behind with great 

I, Frances Spain, bequeath my love of math to Bunny Gee. 

I, Frances Stubinger, leave the Saint Mary's library for good. 

I, Myra Thayer, leave my private telephone to West Rock. 

I, Timmie Timmons, leave my contradiction and exaggerations 
to anyone who wants to puzzle everyone around. 

I, Laura Ann Travis, bequeath my athletic energy to the night 

I, Jeanette Uzzell, leave the swimming pool for Asheville 

I, Dill Walker, leave the post office to Lee Kohlsaat. 

I, Alma Weston, leave Saint Mary's as confused as I was the 
day I walked in. 

I, Gigi Williams, leave the "hired help" for good. 

I, Alice Ann Winfield, bequeath my seat in the refrigerator 
to some rising Senior Eskimo. 

We, the testators, Bost and Freeman leave serene in the face of 
destruction and in hopes that our document will cause no hard 

We, the testators, representing the Senior Class, do hereby 
appoint the capable and honorable faculty to administer this, 
our last will and testament, on this twenty-ninth day of May, 1954. 


Junior Class 

OFFICERS. Left to right: Vice-President, Ann Wallace; Secretary, Carolyn Warlick; President, Ann Bynum; 
Treasurer, Frances Dawson. 




*f § 


F;r^ row, left to right: ANTHONY, Louisa Penn, 
Hartsville, S. C; ARTHUR, Elizabeth Lee, 
Raleigh, N. C: ATHEV, Betty Clare, Balti- 
more, Md.; BAKER, Blanche, Kinston, N. C; 
BARBER, Eleanor Ann, Charlotte, N, C. 

Third row, left to right: BRASWELL, Mary Ann, 
Elm City, N. C; BREECE, Mary Lee, Fayette- 
villc, N. O; BRIDGER, Mary Elise, Bladenboro, 
N. C; BRIGGS, Evelyn Stone, Raleigh, N. C; 
BUNN, Anne Bridgers, Spring Hope, N. C. 

Second row, lift to right: BEST, Jane Cutlar, Fre- 
mont, N. C; BETHUXE, Corinne Barrus, Clin- 
ton, N. C:.; BONEY, Grace Annette, Wallace, 
N. C; BOONE, Julianne, Raleigh, N. C; BOYD, 
Nancy Cooper, Nashville, N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: Bt'RGWYN, Mar) 
Barrow, Jackson, N. C; BYNUM, Ann Applegate, 
Raleigh, N. C; BYNUM, Mary Ann, Stantons- 
burg, N. C: CAMPBELL, Aubrey Latham, 
Lynchburg, Ya.; CAMPEN, Catherine Purden, 
Edenton, N. C. 



First row, left to right: COLE, Anna Belle, Clayton, 
N. C; COURIE, Dolores Ann, Kinston, N. C; 
DANIEL, Betty Orr, Raleigh, N. C; DAWSON, 
Frances Lovelace, Stantonsburg, N. C; DAW- 
SON, Jane Lynn, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Third row, left to right: DOWLING, Erin Reynolds, 
Jacksonville, Fla.; DRV, Elizabeth Williams, Con- 
cord, N. C; DUDLEY, Marian Winslow, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Va.; EDWARDS, Martha Sue, 
Winston-Salem, N. C; FLYTHE, Margaret 
Virginia, Fieldale, Va. 

Second row, left to right: DAWSON, Mary Dillon, 
Elizabeth City, N. C; DEES, Shirley Lou, Dur- 
ham, N. C; DENT, Elizabeth Hunter, Spruce 
Pine, N. O; DIVINE, Mary Ruth, Rocky Mount, 
N. C; DIXON, Geraldine Drew, Winston-Salem, 
N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: FOSTER, Dorothy Lee, 
Greensboro, N. C; FULLTON, Ann Hai-grave, 
Greensboro, N. C; GHOLSON, Judith Lam- 
bert, Oxford, N. C; GILLETT, Emelia Anna, 
Enfield, N. C; GOOD, Martha Glenn, Rich- 
mond, Va. 




1*. «f 

/•7m/ row, left to rigid: GOODWIN, Megan Taur- 
man, Raleigh, N. C; GRANT, Martha Elizabeth, 
St. Petersburg, Fla.: GRI/./.ARD, Mary Gwendo- 
lyn. Branchville, Va.; HAMMOND, Margot 
Carrington, Greensboro, N. C; HAUGHTON, 
Patricia Ann, Charlotte, N. C. 

Third row, left to right: JONES, Sue Brock, Trenton, 
N. C; KEFFER, Ann Berlin, Kinston, N. C; 
KNOTT, Jo-Anne, Oxford, N. C; KOHLSAAT, 
Cecily Gates, Princeton, N. J.; LILLY, Hester 
Virginia Calvert, Fayetteville, N. C. 

Second row. left to right: HUFFINES, Elizabeth 
Wood, Fayetteville, N. C; ISACKSEN, Helen 
Edith, Islip, L. I., N. Y.; JONES, Anne Harmon, 
Norfolk, Va.; JONES, DotDee Long, Farmville, 
N. G; JONES, Nancy Springs, Arlington, Va. 

Fourth row, lift to right: LINDEMAN, Margery 
Kepper, Virginia Beach, Va.; LOVE, Barbara 
Reinhardt, Lincolnton, N. C. 
Randleman, Lincolnton, N 
Harriett Little, Windsor, N. C 
min. i Way, Raleigh, N. C. 

LOVE, Elizabeth 

MARSH, Wilhel- 



First row, left to right: MARTIN, Betty Ruth, 
Raleigh, N, C; MARTIN, Elizabeth Carroll, 
Charlotte, N. C; MATTHIS, Jane Kirby, Clin 
ton, N. G; MILLER, Anne Marie, Florence, 
S. C; MITCHELL, Mary Ruth, Greensboro, 
N. C. 

Third row, left to right: NORMAN, Anne Katherine, 
Enfield, N. C; OGBURN, Jean Paulette, North 
View, Va.; OWENS. Lillian Duval, Atlanta, Ga.; 
PARKER, Mary Wright. Wilson, N. C; 
PEELER, Claudia Williams, Durham. N. C. 

Second row, left to right: MOLLOY, Anne Marie, 
Black Mountain, N. C; MOORE, Patsy 
Battle, Whitakers, N. C; McMULLAN, Sally- 
Wood, Elizabeth City, N. C; McQUEEN, Pa- 
tricia Grace, Lumberton, N. G; NIMOCKS, 
Ann Thompson, Fayettcville, N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: REESE, Elizabeth Ander- 
son, High Point, N. G; RICE, Judith Ann, 
Raleigh, N. C; ROBERTSON, Blanche Spencer, 
Salisbury, N. G; SETZE, Frances Marie, Atlanta, 
Ga.; SEYFFERT, Carolyn Hayes, New Castle, Pa. 



First row, left to right: SHANNON, Elizabeth 
May, Greensboro, N. C; SMITH, Shelley Con- 
way, Portsmouth, Va.; SMITH; \'andclia Drew, 
Raleigh, N. C; Smithvvick, Jo, Wilming- 
ton, N. C.;SPI\'EY, Marv Rhea, Windsor, N. C. 

Third row, left to right: WAHMANN, Alice Hill, 
Winston-Salem, N. C; WALLACE, Otha Anne, 
Oxford, N. O; WALTERS, Sara Culbreth, 
Greensboro, N. C; WARLICK, Carolyn Michael, 
Raleigh, N. C: WELSH, Lila Lane, Monroe, 
N. C. 

Second row, left to right: STIEBER, Mary, Pelham 
Manor, N. V.: STRONACH, Anne Cameron, 
Raleigh, N. G; THOMPSON, Carolyn Stuart. 
Whiteville, N. C.; TREYYETT, Jane Miller, 
Richmond, \'a.; TYLER, Marie Elizabeth, Rocky 
Mount, N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: WHEDBEE, Mabel 
Martin, Hertford, N. G; WHITFIELD, Katherine 
Rose, Kinston, N. G; WIXSLOW, Ann Marie, 
Washington, N. G; WRIKE, Jane Turner, 
Graham, N. G 



Business Class 




OFFICERS. Left to right: Treasurer, Janie Yarborough; Vice-President, Margaret Williams; Presi- 
dent, Abbot Henderson; Secretary, Boots Hampton. 


Business Students 

First row, left to right: Cowden, Patricia Anne, 
Raleigh, N. C; Cox, Mary Christine, Castle 
Hayne, N. C; Curry, Carolyn Joanne, Raleigh, 
N. C; Ebener, Carolyn Elizabeth, Greenville, 
S. C; Hampton, Ermine Baldwin, Raleigh, N. C. 

Third row, left to right: Kugler, Vail Freeman, 
Washington, N. C; McGutcheon, Margaret 
Gail, Greensboro, N. G; MacKenzie, Athalia 
Cotten, Washington, N. G; McConnell, Jean 
Eva, Raleigh, N. C; Sechrest, Nancy Lou, 
Lexington, N. G 

Second row, left to right: Heilig, Lucy Ragsdale, 
High Point, N. G; Henderson, Frances Abbot, 
Forest, Va.; Hines, Shirley Elizabeth, Mt. 
Olive, N. G; Hopkins, Bessie Adelia, Elizabeth 
City, N. G; Hoyt, Martha Pearce, Washington, 
N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: Smith, Ann Renee, Eliza- 
beth City, N. G; Smithdeal, Peggy Eaton, High 
Point, N. C; Strickler, Sally Ann, Meridian, 
Miss.; Williams, Margaret, Raleigh, N. G; 
Varborough, Jane Boatwright, Raleigh, N. G 


Sophomore Class 

OFFICERS. President, Beth Kemper: Vice-President, Jane Bradford; Secretary, Sumner Parham; 
Treasurer, Sydney Stuart. 



First row, left to right: Alston. Grace Jackson, 
Warrenton, N. G; Bisanar, Katharine Lee, Con- 
cord, N. C; Bradford, Martha Jane, Marion, 
N. C; Brooks, Martha Scarborough, Kinston, 
N. G; Butler, Martha Ann, Dunn, N. C. 

Second row, left to right: Capehart, Frances Marion, 
Orlando, Fla.; Conner, Deborah Jane, Charlotte, 
N. G; Craven, Faith, Lexington, N. G; Daw- 
son, Martha Virginia, Stantonsburg, N. G; Dorr, 
Barbara Johnson, Raleigh, N. G 

Third row, left to right: Dorris, Ann Markham, 
Raleigh, N. C; Elgin, Sarah Elizabeth, Prince- 
ton, N. J.; Elliott, Ann Elizabeth, Huntsville, 
Ala.: Elliott, Ruth Rea Holmes, Edenton, N. C; 
Fov, Carolyn Alfred, High Point, N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: Gee, Martha Ann Hazel- 
wood, Kenbridge, Va.; Going, Mary Elizabeth, 
Tryon, N. G; Grady, Martha Elizabeth, Lan- 
caster, S. G; Gregory, Ann Elizabeth, Leaming- 
ton, Ontario, Canada; Hartsock, Kathleen 
Elizabeth, Raleigh, N. C 

Fifth row, left to right: Heath, Lula Harriett, 
Sumter, S. C; Holtgren, Barbara Maria, West- 
field, N. J.; Hunt, Barbara Ann, Lexington, 
N. G: Johnson, Ellen Keith. Raleigh, N. G; 
Kemper, Elizabeth Carol, Bluefield, W. Va. 

Sixth row, left to right: Micham, Bainc, Charlotte, 
N. G; Miller, Marianna Schofield, Pineville, 
X. G; Moore, Billie O'Neil, Cheraw, S. G; 
McMullan, Lacl Eillene, Elizabeth City, N. C:. ; 
Parham, Sumner Fuller, Henderson, N. G 




First row. left to right: Patman, Susan Dimuck, 
Siler City, N. C; Rankin, Jamie Carroll, Lan- 
caster, Ky.; Ridley, Ina Virginia, Courtland, \'a.; 
Robinson, Mary Blair, Littleton, N. C; Rose, 
Margaret Leah, Henderson, N. C. 

Third row, left to rig/it: Smith, Nancy Elliott, 
New Canaan, Conn.; Speight, Alice Rachel, Win- 
terville, N. C: Stringfellow, Patti Fishburne, 
Greenville, S. C; Stuart, Sydney, Belmont, N. C; 
Swindell, Priscilla, Greensboro, N. C. 

Second row, left to right: Rowland, Mary Searle 
Piatt, Durham, N. G; Schiltz, Joan Lee, Greens- 
boro, N. G; Shcrrill, Doris Anne, Statesville, 
N. G; Skinner, Alma Phelps, Kinston, N. G; 
Smith, Mikell Lenore, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Fourth row, left to right: Thompson, Nancy Jean, 
Sarasota, Fla.; Turner, Sylvia Ann, Jamesville, 
N. G; VVatkins, Elizabeth Eugenia, South 
Hill, \'a.; VVatkins, Ruth Parham, Henderson, 
N. G; Westbrook, Jane Ward, Dunn, N. G 

Fifth row, left to right: White, Elizabeth, Hartsville, 
S. G; White, Reba John, Lillington, N. G; 
Wolfe, Mary Bern, Henderson, N, G 



Freshman Class 

OFFICERS. Treasurer, Alice Pittman; Secretary, Diana DeYerc: Vice-President, Coleman Jenkins 
President, Betsy Duke. 





fc> H 

First row, left to right: Beams, Patricia Alice, Martinsville, Ya.; Biggers, Emma Carol, 
Charlotte, N. C; Black, Nancy Margaret, Rockingham, N. C; Blades, Barbara Lee 
Bradford, Edenton, N. C: Bowen, Mary Barrington, Tryon, N. C; Bradley, Eleanor, 
Columbus, Ga. 



First row, left to right: Bridgers, Dorothy Carr, Wilson, 
N. C; Burns, Martha Gay, West Palm Beach, Fla.; 
Burnside, Margaret Spencer, Nassau, Bahamas; Cater, 
Emily Irene, Anniston, Ala.; Clayton, Sara Hunter, 
Clayton, Ala.; Copp, Catharine Ann, South Bend, Ind. 

Second row, left to right: Corbett, Helen Earle, Maccles- 
field, N. C; Grumpier, Mittie Irene, Mebane, N. C; 
Crumpler, Sylvia McKoy, Mebane, N. C; DeVere, 
Diana Arneson, Morganton, N. C; Duke, Elizabeth 
Etheridge, Greensboro, N. G; Edwards, Gail Elin, 
Rutherfordton, N. C. 

Third row, left to right: Elks, Miraim Lancaster, Green- 
ville, N. C; Garden, Caroline Elizabeth, Rockingham, 
N. G; Garrou, Genevieve Llewellyn, Snow Hill, N. G; 
Greenfield, Cecelia Doreen, Caripito, Monagas, Venez- 
uela; Hamrick, Barbara Virginia, Gaflney, S. G; 
Hinson, Janice Madge, Wilmington, N. C. 

Fourth row, left to right: Home, Martha Ann, Denmark, 
S. G; Huske, Olivia Erickson, Cooleemee, N. G; 
Huskc, Patricia Pemberton, Fayetteville, N. G; James, 



-»- .<&?' 

r* -J 


Harriet Elizabeth, Marion, N. G; Jenkins, Elizabeth 
Coleman, Kinston, N. G; Liggett, Judith Ann, St. 
Petersburg, Fla. 

Fifth row, left to right: Miles', Mary Louise, Erwin, 
N. G; Mullen, Gretchen Ruth, Cheraw, S. G; Mc- 
intosh, Jane Carolyn, Marion, N. G; McWhirter, 
Carol Lynne, Tampa, Fla.; Nichols, Carol Townsend, 
Durham, N. G; Pearson, Frances Simmons, Southern 
Pines, N. C. 

Sixth row, left to right: Peirson, Dorothy Ann, Enfield, 
N. C; Penton, Mary Elizabeth, Wilmington, N. G; 
Pittman, Alice Cox, Wilson, N. C; Richardson, Mar- 
garet Ann, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Smith, Norah 
Brandon, Lexington, N. G; Spangler, Barbara Jane, 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Seventh row, left to right: Stone, Nancy Susan, Martinsville, 
Va.; Thomas, Willamena Frasier, Roxboro, N. C; 
Tuggle, Susan, Charlotte, N. G; Walker, Jane Craw- 
ford, Roanoke, Va.; Whitner, Lillian Maddox, Char- 
lotte, N. G; Wilhelm, Kay, Charlotte, N. C. 

Special Students 

Beattie, Margaret Fay 

Bashford, Linda Rvan 

Bowen, Margaret Uzzle 

Jones, Algerrie Wallace 

Bryant, Ralph Clement 

Mitchiner, Margaret Davis 

Culler, Jacqueline Alice 

Ragsdale, Janie Jolly 

Dennis, Nancy Marie 

Rothstein, Harriet 

Gardner, Julia Ann 

Sullivan, Peggy Ann 

Gay, Sallie Ma\ 

Wilder, Jacqulyn 

Griffin, Sara Lutrc 

Williams, Carol Ann 

Howard, Nancv Lee 

Gray, Betty 

James, Stuart 

Hollowell, Gail 

Warren, Glenn Lambeth 





Marie Timmons 
President of Student Government 

Gray Proctor 
ice-President of Student Government 

Mary Jordan 
Secretary of Student Government 

Student Government Officers 


Connie Shaner 
Secretary of Hall Council 

Linda Piland 
President of Day Students 

Alice Bost 
Chairman of Hall Council 


Honor Council 

First row, left to right: Ann Freeman, Nancy Jones, Lane Welsh, Pat Cowden, Alma Skinner. Second row: Mary Jordan; 
Chairman, Marie Timmons; Gray Proctor. 

Legislative Body 

Left to right: Mary Anne Bynum, Frances Perry, Mary Bowen, Ann Elliott, Gray Proctor, Linda Piland, Virginia 
Lilly; Chairman, Lorrie Clark; Gail McCutcheon, Alice Bost, Marie Timmons, Beth Kemper, Betsy Duke, Blanche 
Robertson, Duval Owens, Abbot Henderson. 


Hall Council 

COUNSELORS. Left to right, seated: Barbara Seaman, Ann Scott Anderson, Connie Shaner; Chairman, Alice Bost, 
Trissy Holt, Pat Cowden, Sara Cobb, Anne Nichols. Left to right, standing: Lorric Clark, Gwen Grizzard, Ann Freeman, 
Pat Adams, Mary Windley Dunn. Myra Thayer, Susan Hayes, Mary Jordan, Mela Royall. 

VICE-COUNSELORS. Left to right, sealed: Harriet Conger, Frances Perry, Marilyn Hcdrick, Jcssine Hart, Linda 
Garriss, Pearl Smith, Gray Proctor, Kay Baker. Left to rigid, standing: Allene Wellons, Charlotte Lilly, Mary Grady 
Burnette, Marie Timmons, Carolyn Nelson, Frances Spain, Alice Walker, Virginia Harriss. 



Barbara Seaman 

BELLES STAFF. First row, left to rig/it: Allan Hardin, Sara Cobb, Mary Lee LaFar, Carolyn Seyffert, Searle Rowland, 
Emily Cater, Carol Nichols, Libby Patman, Mena Way Marsh, Ann Freeman, Erin Dowling, Linda Garriss, Cynthia 
Bradley. Second row: Betty Dry, Lorrie Clark, Charlotte Lilly, Mela Royall, Alice Bost, Frances Spain, Ann Scott 
Anderson, Harriet Conger, Marie Timmons, Anne Nichols. Third row: Mary Jordan, Nancy Thompson, Marty 
Whedbee, Jessine Hart, Carolyn Nelson, Jeannette Uzzell, Pearl Smith, Mary Grady Burnette, Nancy Jones, Anne 
Wallace, Betsy Duke, Peggy Flythe, Liddy Cullen, 


The Stage Coach 

Editorial Staff 

Mary Windley Dunn 

" ■ 

ill * i m 

l s A i s 1 

1_ JJ mi tj IW^^W' 

■JUm^l^- •* f 

^* -,;- X 

g|„^J| to 



EDITORIAL STAFF. First row, left to right: Marie Tyler, Marty Whedbee, Pcnn Anthony, Ann Nimocks, Jessine 
Hart, Harriet James, Harriett Conger. Second row; Libby Patman, Mary Jordan, Abbot Henderson, Charlotte Lilly, 
Ginny Lou Garrou, Pearl Smith, Alice Bost, Barbara Spangler, Linda Garriss, Ann Freeman. Third row: Betty Dry, 
Ruth Watkins, Jane Bradford, Margaret Rose, Barbara Holtgren, Allene Wellons, Pat McQueen, Anne Wallace, Peggy 
Flythe, Erin Dow linn, Emily Cater. Not pictured: Diana DeVere. 


of 1954 

Business Staff 

Susan Hayes 
Business Manager 

BUSINESS STAFF. Seated, left to right: Jane Walker. Jo Ann Knott, Elizabeth Arthur, Ellen Johnson. Megan Good- 
win, Ann Bynum. Standing left to right: Xonie Smith, Carolyn Warlick, Marie Timmons, Mary Grady Burnette, Judy 
Rice, Martha Barber. Julianne Boone. 


St. Mary's Junior College Library 


Ann Scott Anderson 

BULLETIN STAFF. Sealed, left to right: Margaret Eurnsidc, Jean Ogburn, Reba White, Linda Piland. Beth Kemper, 
Lane Welch. Standing, left to right: Ann Norman, Frances Pearson, Nancy Smith, DuVal Owens, Nancy Jones, Lorrie 


Alice B < >sr 
Lorrie Clark 
Mary Windlev 
Ann Freeman 


Ann Ntc:iiols 
ances Perry 
Connie Shaner 

Marie Timmons 

Not pictured: Kay Baker, Jane Best, Ann Bynum, Abbot Henderson, Trissy Holt, Harriet Mardre 


Deborah Conner, Ann Dorris, Ann Elliott, Ann Going, Barbara Hunt, President; Beth Kemper, Sumner Parham, 
Nancy Smith. .Not pictured: Jane Bradford, Bctsv Duke, Doris A. Sherrill, Alma Skinner, Sydney Stuart. 


Altar Guild 

Left to right: Secretary, Nancy Russell; President, Nancy Glenn. 


First row, left to right: Susan Patman, Martha Gee, Mary Elise Bridger; Crucifer, Virginia Harriss; 
Cynthia Bradley, Ina Gee Ridley, Jane Westbrook. Second row: Martha Hoyt, Nancy Smith, 
Beth Kemper, Sally Wood McMullan, Nancy Eversman, Nancy Jones, Katherine Whitfield, Lael 
McMullan. Third row: Baine Micham, Lynda Anderson, Ann Elliott, Carolyn Foy, Marilyn 
Hedrick, Lenoir Smith, Erickson Huske. 


Canterbury Club 

Left to right: Treasurer. Ann Freeman; Secretary, Ann Going;; Vice-President, Marty Whedbee; 
President, Mela Rovall. 

Y. W. C. A. 

Left to right: President, Lorrie Clark; Vice-President, Mary Lee LaFar; Secretary-Treasurer, 
Marv Ann Bvnum. 


Doctor's Daughters' Club 


Left to right: President. 

Anne Nichols; Vice-President, Barbara Hunt; Secretary-Treasurer, Ann 

Granddaughters' Club 

First row, left to right: President. Allan Hardin; Vice-President, Bettie Huflincs: Secretary-Treas- 
urer, Evelyn Briggs. Second row: Anne Norman, Dorothy Pierson, Elizabeth Dent, Marty Whedbee, 
Mena Way Marsh, Virginia Harriss, Mary Stieber, Martha Barber, Frances Capehart, Carolyn 
Foy. Third row: Mary Windlev Dunn, Alice Walker, Jane Best, Mary Penton, Elizabeth Martin, 
Nancy Jones, Nancy Eversman. Erickson Huske, Margaret Rose, Harriet Conger, Alice Wah- 
mann, Mela Royall. Fourth row: Frances Pearson, Dorothy Bridgets, Coleman Jenkins, Harriett 
Madre, Ann Fulton, Mary Rhea Spivcv. Ruth Watkins, Sylvia Turner, Sara Cobb. 

Sigma Pi Alpha 

First row, left to right, sealed: Patsy Moore, Mary Elise Bridger, Mary Lee Breece, Penn Anthony, Mela Royall, Mary 
Ruth Mitchell, Anne Fulton. Second row: DotDee Jones, Helen Isacksen, Nancy Jones, Trissy Holt, Frances Stubinger; 
President, Charlotte Lilly; Mary Grady Burnette, Ann Freeman, Lorrie Clark. Third row, standing: Allan Hardin, 
Gray Proctor, Connie Shaner, Marie Timmons, Mary Jordan, Jessinc Hart, Ann Scott Anderson, Ann Barber, Nancy 
Boyd, Jane Best, Carolyn Seyffert, Evelyn Briggs. 

Dramatics Club 

Left to right: Vice-President, Beth Kemper; Publicity 
Chairman, Martha Barber; Director, Miss Florence 
C. Dayis; President, Myra Thayer. 


Dance Marshals 


X 1l 






1) %c? ^F- 

r 1 


ffl I 01 ft 

X A 




1 -W &p' ■ 







*^«i ~ ^^^HH 



Seated, left to right: Elizabeth Love, Kitty Campen, Kay Baker, Chief Marshal; Megan Goodwin, Mary Lee LaFar, 
Barbara Love. Standing: Katherine Whitfield, Patsy Beams, Lula Heath, Betty Ebener, Margaret Rose, Charlotte 
Lillv, Virginia Harriss, Mareot Hammond. 

Glee Club 

First row, left to right: President, Marilyn Hedrick: Trissy Holt, Nancy Eversman, Carolyn Warlick. Second row: Corrine 
Bethune, Jane Westbrook, Robin Fuller, Ellen Johnson, Pat Covvden, Leslie Hall, Gail McCutcheon. Third row: 
Jo Smithwick, Margery Lindeman, Grace Boney, Ann Barber, Ann Going, Jane Best, Nancy Jones, Baine Micham, 
Nancy Russell, Erickson Huske. Fourth row: Grace Alston, Mary Elise Bridget-, Linda Piland, Anne Fulton, Mary 
Rhea Spivey, Mary Ruth Burgwyn, Janice Hinson, Mary Clayton, Barbara Hamrick. 





■ » tj, * >> '*B l ^3S5_ __~" 

»• ; r % 

- 1 

*** «£* -'' ■*«J*«3 


i *- 

j t ^*V -it N> - 


biati ''^i*!! 


Ibak^ 53 Svhi 

V \ " 

Jk jr A* J^k\k 


r%£r L ^ S 1 ^IS™ Tiff-* 19 

^m~ IBS* IS ;■ ^^^HK^-^I 







Left to right: Vice-President, 
Mary Anne Bynum. 

Ellen Ozon; President, 


First row, left to right: Gail McCutcheon, Mary Jordan, Ina Gee Ridley, Susan Patman. Second row: Betty Dry, Ellen 
Ozon. Third row: Mary Windley Dunn, Laura Ann Travis, Pat McQueen, Lula Heath, Aubrey Campbell, Carolyn Foy. 



Left to right: President 
Allan Hardin. 

Alice Walker; Vice-President, 


First row, left to rigid: Martha Brooks, Mary Lee Breece. Second row: Patsy Beams, Allan Hardin, Mary Ruth Divine. 
Third row: Betsy Duke, Trissy Holt, Sally Wood McMullan, Carolyn Seyffert. Fourth row: Frances Perry, Jane Wrike. 


Letter Club 

First row, left to right: Gray Proctor, Allan Hardin, Linda Garriss. Second row: Alice Walker, Marie Timmons, TrissvHolt. 


■ ; 



,i ' 

^t.i». ■ 




'™|W ;.; ■'. 

K - fl B' 


j MB. * *^H 



% 1 






'£**■ mL 




** ,|p pi 

' ^ pi 

g/£SMt - 








First row, left to right: Mary Bowen, Dolly Craven, Mary Lee LaFar; President, Trissy Holt; Vice-President, Ellen 
Ozon: Mary Lee Breece, Gail McCutcheon, Allan Hardin. 

Second row. left to rigid: Mary Elise Bridger, Betty Dry, Katherine Copp, Barbara Spangler, Searle Rowland, Katherine 
Whitfield: Libby Patman, Virginia Harriss, Barbara Seaman, Ginny Lou Garrou, Carol McWhirter, Sydney Stuart, 
Sharlene Howard, Cynthia Bradley. 

Third row, left to right: Margery Lindeman, Jane Gillette, Sue Stone, Miriam Elks, Helen Corbctt, DotDec Jones, 
Sally Wood McMullan, Vail Kugler, Betty Martin, Elizabeth Dent, Pearl Smith, Lillian Whitner, Lynda Ander- 
son, Connie Shaner, Kay Baker, Martha Hoyt. 





First row, left to right: Pat Adams, Trissy Holt, Frances Perry. Second row: Sara Cobb, Kay Baker Standing: Chief marshal 
Myra Thayer. 


May Queen 

May Court 

of 1954 

Maid of Honor 

Penn Anthony 

Kav Baker 

Julianne Boone 

Ann Bunn 

Kitty Campcn 


Coleman Jenkins 

Pat Cowden Kathleen Hartsock Sharlene Howard 


Gray Proctor Marie Tyler 


Jcannette Uzzell 

May Day — 1953 


Alice Bost 

Mary Windley Dunn 



Tristram Holt 

Mary Jordan 



Frances Perry 

Gray Proctor 



Constance Shaner 

Marie Timmons 



Marie Timmons 


Anne Nichols 




Allan Hardin 

School Spirit 

Alice Bost 




Alice Walker 


- --"---"-iT" 

Myra Thayer 



Ann Scott Anderson 



mm i 

1L 1 

hi I 1 ^^^ 

. ■ ... 


'\ HP? 

Frances Perry 




^_ -^^^— 1 

r^ ^^s?£ i ■'-' *2 

ll Wtt&i-' : - " 

l/**^./^ ; ' **' TmH 

-S^i^k ' 


iff ,-^ VF 


BsHfi^S wi 

: Tr^^**^^ ' 



Harriet Conger 


Kay Baker 




Sara Cobb 


Ellen Ozon 



Life at 

St. Mary s 



Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

The Capita! Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

Bbead and QaJzei. 

Jjell (Bakeries, 3nc. 

102 Harrison Avenue 

Telephone 5561 - 5562 - 5563 






8871 — DIAL — 8871 





Newest and Most Modern 


An Air Conditioned Dining Room 

4-7396 — 4-7397 





Insurance Building 

J$y,num Printing, Company 

J\alelg,h, Jyortn Carolina 






Cameron Village - Phone 3-3851 
Raleigh, N. C. 


1217 Hillsboro Street 

Phone 5834 

Complete Drug Store Service 




RALEIGH, N. C. DIAL 2-3911 



Cut Flowers Corsages 


raduation Bouquets Decorations 

Makers of Fine 

PHONE 8347 

Photographs j 

for Annuals 




We Grow the Flowers We Sell" 

PHONE 3-3512 


Richard G. Stone, President 

Raleigh, North Carolina 

High school graduates are offered two years of standard college work. 

The curriculum also includes 1 1th and 12th grades of high school work. 

All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. 

Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics 

and Music Departments with Tuition included 

in General Charge 

Twenty-Acre Campus — Field Sports — Gymnasium — Tennis 

Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool -- Horseback Riding — Golf 


Write for Catalogue and View Book 

Best Wishes 

Saint Mary's 



Arthur E. Buddenhagen 



Established 1881 





325-331 South Wilmington Street 








Friendly, Courteous Service 

PHONE 2-3212 
601 Hillsboro Street 

Compliments of 


DIAL 5589 




In only a few years now you will be establishing 
your own home — somewhere. 

Will you settle somewhere else or come back 

Before you decide, be sure to look around 
carefully at the advantages of the Carolinas — 
the opportunities for a full and profitable 
life — the chance to live and work in a growing 
and progressive area and to help build an even 
Finer Carolina in the years ahead' 



Construction, Industrial and 

Logging Equipment 

Contractors' and Municipal Supplies 



Established in Raleigh in 1867 








119 Foyetteville Street 

"International Diesel Poiver" 

Raleigh Greenville Wilmington Charlotte 
Greensboro Asheville 


Ambassador Theatre 

Boylan Pearce, Inc. 

Brantley & Sons, Inc. 

T. H. Briggs & Sons, Inc. 

Brite Spot Cafe 

Brogden Produce Company, Inc. 

Brooks Recreation Center 

Bnffaloe-Turner Pharmacy 

Canton Cafe 


Efird's Dept. Store 


Holloway's Florist 

Hudson-Belk Company 

Martin Millwork 

Mitchell's Hair Styling Salon 

Mother & Daughter Stores, Inc. 

Neiman's, Jewelers & Silversmiths 

Peter Pan Restaurant 

Stephenson Music Company 

Virginia Crabtree, Inc.